School derogation

Psychological assessment for the purpose of derogating the age of admission rule to school


The purpose of the derogation assessment is to determine whether some children who seem to have an early development should be admitted to school before the age of five, as September 30, for kindergarten, or before age 6, as September 30, for the first year.

We are able to provide this type of assessment, usually requested by school boards for public schools and private schools. Parents should contact the school or school board in their area to confirm their application procedures for derogation of school age admission rule.

What does a psychological evaluation include for school derogation?

Psychological assessment for a derogation has several elements. The main goal is to determine if the child has a sufficient level of precocity to be effective in an environment with older children. It must also demonstrate that the child, given his abilities, will suffer harm if he is not granted early admission to school.

We must therefore establish with you the history of the child development, examine the circumstances that would justify an early admission to school, evaluate the intellectual functioning of the child using a test administered individually, evaluate the socio-emotional development from a questionnaire filled out by you and a person who can observe the child outside the home, for example at the day-care centre (educator) and evaluate the development of the psycho-motor development. The entire assessment process represents 8 hours of work.

How do we proceed at CCPE?

The first step is to contact the receptionist who will register your request for information or service at 514-522-3195 and ask for the best times to contact you. You can also do this by sending an e-mail to

Your request will be forwarded to the dispatcher. The dispatcher will contact you and verify if you know the basic criteria of the school’s derogation policy where you want to send your child, the child’s date of birth, and provide you with summary information about the feasibility of the assessment. If you confirm your desire to carry out an evaluation with our team, the dispatcher will proceed to the opening of the file and take the basic information. $35.00 fee (usually payable by credit card).

Collection of information on child development by one of our professionals at our offices. For this step, parents must check with the targeted school that they meet the deadlines and admission criteria. If the child accompanies the parent, the evaluation of psycho-motor skills is carried out. In addition, a questionnaire is sent to the childcare educator or another person who knows well the child; it is then corrected. Fees for 3 hours of work are payable for this step.

Assessment of intellectual functioning (I.Q.) The child is assessed at our office using an individual intelligence test. Examination of the questionnaire completed by the daycare educator. Fees for 3 hours of work are payable for this step. Short verbal report to parents by phone, if the recommendation is not favourable to the derogation.

If the recommendation is favourable to the derogation, a specific report is produced for the school board or school. The final report is delivered by mail to the parents with explanations. Fees for 2 hours of work are payable at this final stage upon submission of the report or by credit card payment if sent by mail. The same fee applies if the parent wishes to receive a written report for an unfavourable recommendation.

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