Psychological and Neuropsychological Services for College and University Students

Our team is comprised of psychologists and neuropsychologists with specialized expertise in working with young adults and adults attending college or university.

Either for a psychological or neuropsychological assessment of learning difficulties, attention deficit disorder, or other neurodevelopmental disorders or mental health problems in general, we can produce a complete report with recommendations about support measures intended for the student services of post-secondary institutions.

Our professionals are also specialized in counselling and the psychotherapy of psychological issues affecting social or academic adaptation. Our interventions are of varying duration depending on the student’s needs.

  • Anxiety or stress management issues, essentially related to academic achievement
  • Cultural adaptation issues for foreign students
  • Interpersonal relationship difficulties with the other students, teachers, roommates
  • Academic issues
  • Crisis situations linked to personal or family issues
  • Sexual or loving relationship issues
  • Eating disorder, substance abuse
  • Depression, motivation issue, mourning
  • Integration difficulties, housing or roommate issue
  • Questioning on their choice of program of studies or career or of an existential nature

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